Natalie Dormer on the TVGuide Yacht at Comic Con (2014) [x]

So, I’m returning to tumblr. 

As you may or not know I went onto a hiatus mid-August because of school. I still have a very busy schedule, but I’m at least back on my feet and I have these last couple of days been redoing my page.

There’s a couple of things I wanna say; 

I’m really sorry for not giving you what I promised Demi and Maria. I promised you two, because you were wonderful blogsitters for me in summer that I would give you lots of promotions and etc but I never did. To make it up to you, you will be promoted alot this autumn.

I will be creating lots of new graphics and such as well, because I’ve learned new techinques in different editing programs. So keep looking for new stuff. 

I’m also changing my url; please vote here; [x]

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Welcome to my October Botm! First solo one yay!! :) And someone should teach me how to do graphics because I really don’t know. 


  • Mbf me
  • Ends September 30th AEST 
  • Check out my current botm and runners up 
  • Reblog this post, likes are bookmarks
  • There will be one winner and 2-3 runner ups

What I’m Looking For

  • A great URL
  • Clean, easy to navigate theme
  • Quality posts
  • Making things is a plus but it won’t lower other’s chances


  • A follow from me, if not already
  • A spot in my updates tab for all of October
  • A permanent spot in my hall of fame
  • 4 promos throughout October upon request (winner)
  • 2 promo throughout October upon request (runner ups)
  • Love, friendship, cookies, whatever you want :) 

Reblog away cuties! :) xx 

The Hunger Games + Peacekeepers


Matthijs Meel by Jasper Abels. preview Prestage Magazine via @jasperabels

Keep the car running.

impossible gir

lunch on ʇɥǝ oʇɥǝɹ sıpǝ?


Keira Knightley for Esquire Russia (September 2014)

teen wolf alphabet | quirky quote: feat. an underappreciated quote

“You know when you’re drowning, you don’t actually inhale until right before you black out. It’s called voluntary apnea. It’s like no matter how much you’re freaking out, the instinct to not let any water in is so strong that you won’t open your mouth until you feel like your head’s exploding. Then when you finally do let it in, that’s when it stops hurting. It’s not scary anymore, it’s… it’s actually kind of peaceful.”
Harry felt a thrill of something that was beyond excitement,
more like fear. Now that he was so near, he wondered whether
he wanted to see after all..

Chris Evans is a hopeless romantic. In his directorial debut, Before We Go, he stars as a guy who has one epic night of love in NYC. “We’ve all had something so personal and romantic that’s too hard to explain”, he said. - InStyleMagazine